My love of colourful & pretty houses

Naadu Ashun

I am a colour addict and colour is a big part of what makes me choose the fabrics that I do for A Bag Less Ordinary. I see colour everywhere I go and often snap colourful houses when I'm walking around my local area or exploring a new part of London. It's a great way of getting inspiration for colour combinations. I am also a house obsessive and think about what my dream home would look like a lot. I love seeing homes that have been painted in colourful hues and have pretty flowers outside! 

I currently live in a flat and I'm not allowed to paint our front door but I hope one day I can have a house where I can paint the door and exterior in beautiful colour combination. I will certainly have a lot of photos as inspiration!

I love to use bold and colourful printed fabrics but equally love to use fabrics with a soft colour pallet. And it is the same with the houses I spot. Sometimes I am drawn to a pretty soft pink and grey combination but can be equally as taken by a strong cobalt blue house!

And I do have to admit to being a bit obsessed with pink houses! There is just something about them....

Living not far from Kensinton and Chelsea it's easy to stumble across beautiful streets and mews with the most picturesque houses! I love it when it seems all of the neighbours have got together and worked out how each house can compliment each other but I am sure this is not the case! So I will continue my little colour/house obsession and see what other gems I can find....

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